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What You Need to Know

Before you start on the Bonsai Framework there are some basics you should know and useful beginner tools I recommend,

How ToKey ConceptsReading RecommendationsLinux ToolsWindows ToolsMac OS X Tools
Understand Directories and Files

Navigate Directories from a terminal

Edit text files from a terminal
ne (Nice Editor) instead of vi when first starting out

HTML and then Web Servers

Basics of NetworkingIP address, name resolution

Remotely Mounting Folders

SSH Terminal


The rest of this article still needs to be written. It should cover only the basics of what you need to know to get by in the tutorials.

Command Line Basics

Why Learn it and NOT Use a GUI (Graphical User Interface)

For server administration in an enterprise environment the most important thing to have is predictability and stability.

The traditional Linux CLI (Command Line Interface) also known hence forth as terminal achieves this by,

  1. Predictability - Being repeatable (you can copy and paste) with a history of what occured
  2. Stability - Most servers have no GUI resulting in less processes to crash, less to patch and low resources

Navigating Directories


Edit and View Text Files


Upload and Download Files


SSH Mounting on Windows and Mac OS X


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