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The Problem

Having worked at many organizations or even across different groups in the same company I keep on running into similar sets of problems when building web applications. Software frameworks like Spring, Struts, Hibernate definitely simplify things but are in themselves not complete solutions out of the box.

There are a multitude of ways to connect these frameworks and then there are the customization steps like overriding default error messages, handling internationalization challenges etcetera.

And of course, nobody pays attention to code standards, build environment and source control until late in the game.


  1. A stack of established frameworks pre-glued together
  2. "Download and Go" development environment
  3. Fill in the blank code and documentation
  4. Established patterns for dealing with Enterprise environment challenges,
    1. Cover all scenarios for errors
    2. Links and IPs changing between environments (Testing, IST, UAT, Production)
    3. Securing passwords between environments
  5. Established architecture design for Enterprise grade transactions,
    1. Queue for guaranteed delivery
    2. Switch from real-time to batch
  6. Established architecture patterns for large load,
    1. Throttling
    2. Straw-man architecture of all key points with sign-off review
    3. Stress Testing
    4. Live controlled stress test approaches
  7. Full multi-language support including,
    1. CMS for language translations
    2. Use of real UTF-8 even in Java property files
    3. Optional Embedded Database with triggered updates in place of Java property files
  8. Solutions for Common Problem Sets,
    1. Multiple File Upload via Drag and Drop
  9. Revisions that are production tested and marked

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