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Crashplan has announced they will drop personal accounts Oct 23, 2018 and endorsing Carbonite. I'm on the lookout again for a new Backup provider.

My current backup is 919 GB. NAS is using 1.8 TB of 2.7 TB. Yes, there is lots of space I could trim.

Features comparison in order of importance,

Product OfferingCrashplan HomeCrashplan BusinessWasabiBackblazeBackblze B2 CloudCarbonite
PKI based Private Key Encryption256-bit AES256-bit AES256-bit AESYes
128-bit AES
Price per Computer$59.99/year$120/year1TB $48/year$50.00/year
File VersionsUnlimitedUnlimitedCustom at cost of storage.30 days
Past 90 days, PC only
StorageUnlimitedUnlimited1TB 48/yearUnlimited
Interfaces to RetrieveWebWeb

Web, Android & iOS
OS SupportLinux Desktop, Windows, OS XLinux Desktop, Windows, OS XAll using DuplicatiMac, Windows
W7-10, OS X

Deal Breakers?

Music and Video requires a paid subscription and 4GB+ files require special selection.

No Linux Support. they plan to acquire Mozy, Inc from Dell which support Linux.

Secure Login

2-Factor SMS and Authenticator Apps

Throttling of Bandwith


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