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Link to share while disabling mobile mode which messes up pictures,

Thoughts and considerations on buying my nexts watch which will be an Omega Vintage.

Wrist = is 5 3/4" aka 14.6cm
Ideal Dial = would be 29.2mm to
Ideal Lug-to-Lug = 36.5mm to 45.6mm

And to give context, the Marlin Lug-to-Lug is 48mm and covers my wrist.

Advised by forum member seekingseaquest the references I should look for are 2494, 2577, 2767, 2846, 2761


Key Criteria

Ideal is this 1950's Omega Seamaster Waffle Dial, Manual Dial 34mm on the left.

Very similar to the 1948 reissue but I feel better!

The 1948 version was under the case model CK 2577.

I also like this below Omega Seamaster 1955 under the case model CK 2846. Found this 2846-2 SC as a reference too.

Probably similar to below.


Silver Single Tone

Texture and all white makes 34mm wear bigger.

Consistent colour.

Rail is dotted only.

Talon markers.

Let me know if ever available and even more ideal if a 36mm or 35mm exists.

More than ok with automatic.

Like this one too, but prefer in silver.


Examples on the right are similar to the 1948 reissue but,

  • I like the hands of the real vintage better.
  • On the vintage, don't like dots beside the number on the vintage with the sub-dial.
  • Only looking for silver not gold (like the vintage sub-dial)

More shots,

$1550.00 USD for the Vintage



Silver Single Tone

Also would grab a sub second dial.

Size: ideally would be 36mm and 35.8mm shown here also good.

Looking for a cleaner dial than posted so far.

Black is ok, but then a texture is preferred.

Automatic or Manual.

Available, but unsure about the rails... will need to see in person.

Given financial constraints will pass on this... and unlikely to like the rails.

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