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These are recommended plugins. If you find a better one let me know.

Drawing - Gliffy
Prototyping - Balsamiq 


Spreadsheet Functionality in Tables

Comparison chart with key features:

Evaluation Worth Using?PluginMath FormulasInline EditingWorks in MobileFilteringComment
To TestCelesteCS Math(tick)

Looks promising...
NoBob Swift Advanced Tables

(error) Add only is not enough.

Vote for multiplication.

April 2015 - Like the most but requires math functionality.
April 2015 - Nice search function but ugly.
NoSpreadsheets for Confluence(tick)(error)(tick)
April 2015 - lack of InLine Editing made it not good enough.
To TestTable Filter and Charts


So far all these are pretty limiting.

How about embedding google spreadsheet into the page and see if it can be edited live?

Yes this generally works but sharing spreadsheets for editing requires sharing in Google and has some limitations (forget now), but not for Corporate Websites.

Securing Specific Content on a Page

Redaction - looks very promising.

Looks promising, no public key, but simple enough -

Form Capture - seems to have a good run down of the available options. - expensive but looks to be very powerful and mature. Video demo on home page. Requires an additional server.


Still looking, have not tried anything yet.

Improved UI

Looks promising -

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