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With the majority of our renovations complete, I've started an interest in collecting and framing art. My first big project - original vintage (I think I can say that now) movie poster art.

Where to Buy

  • Star Wars - eBay
  • Indiana Jones Poster - Alternative to eBay to buy Posters (consistent grading system and more focused products) -

Preserving Considerations

After some reading, I concluded it would be a damaging to my authentic movie posters to frame up using traditional backing methods. Let's start with the results,


Glass versus Plexiglass

  • Used a mat to ensure the glass if lifted off the surface (only possible for smaller than 40"  x 60" posters).

Backing the Poster

  • Acid-free.
  • Acid-neutral.
  • Avoid foamcore unless acid free such as Artcare Archival System by Bainbridge which should only be a few dollars more.

Linen Backing

  • Expensive but preserves, flatten, hides vintage folded posters and allow touchup or outright restoration.
  • Make sure to go with professional who will make it reversible.
  • For damaged vintage folders can bring up value if resold.
  • ~ cost $75 to $150.
  • Not advisable for double sided posters.

Here is how it looks after linen backing. It's actually quite thick,

More Linen Backing,

PlexiGlass Frames that Can Swap In and Out

I did not go with this, but for those interested here's my research,

Putting it Together

Here are things to check with your framer,

  • Back the linen poster with acid free material
  • Acid free foam core or 4 ply rag are best
  • Linen Hinged - Hinge mount using some archival tap stuck to the linen
  • Do not stretch
  • Trim the linen about 1/8 smaller than the inside dimension of the frame
  • If framing with wood make sure to put a barrier if framing to size


As these posters are quite large it is very important to hang them properly to not buckle over time,

  • Use the D-Rings on the back directly
  • Warning - Adding wires to D-Rings for Large posters will put strain on the frame causing corners to pop out.

3M Command Strips are the best thing since sliced bread to hanging art.

Weigh you Poster with Frame - step on a digital scale without hold the poster and then again with it. Mine came out to 17.5lbs.

Based on weight use the appropriate 3M Command Strip Wire Back Picture Hangers to place your poster,

In my case, I exceed the limit. It's probably fine, but to be extra safe, once I am happy with the location, follow-up with screwing in the 3M hanger directly to the wall.



Inspiration Examples




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