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Post Processing

Convert photo to black and white and lighten the background. Touchups should be minimal and not obvious. The inspiration comes from a blog posting form Chris loves Julia,


Adjust relative sizing of the two kids. Provide the max size possible, but make the canvas' size match. Here is photo of them standing side by side. I should have used a tripod.



Also provide copies designed to fit within the frame dimension below. Unlike the blog, we plan to go with gold frames.

The 2 pictures will be leaned on the mantel of a white living room above a fireplace,


Given the pixel quality of the photos we'll go with frames that are about 20" x 26" aka 50.8cm x 66.04. Also 22" x 28" is sold at Wayfair has right size and look too.

2518 x 3822

12.59" x 19.11"

32cm x 48.5cm

8.39" x 12.72

21cm x 32cm


  File Modified
JPEG File Josephine_Colour_IMG_0367.jpg Apr 05, 2018 by Tin Pham
JPEG File Ryan_Colour_IMG_0379.jpg Apr 05, 2018 by Tin Pham
JPEG File Example_Kids_Pictures.jpg Apr 05, 2018 by Tin Pham

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