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Interest Presentation

  1. Information Overload
    1. Garage Analogy - We start with good intentions and then we have mess.
    2. Might Use it in the Future - And yes this is true, but even worse than items in garage, information is unique and not always replaceable.
    3. Information Grows Organically - That's the challenge, things move.
    4. Multiply with a Team - People have different views, somebody moves your stuff, only you know where your things are and sometimes you forget.
  2. Key Requirements and Recommended Solution
    1. Easy to Use
    2. Confluence - Special Non-profit license, Enterprise Class (secure, scalable, easy to upgrade, easy to backup and restore, ect...), Editor that actually works.
  3. Knowledge Management in Action
    1. Let's Make a Movie - Use sample site
    2. Editing - Easy WYSIWYG, Collaboration, History, Comments, Macro Table of Contents.
    3. Smart Links - Shows organic growth, don't need to have it right the first time.
    4. Searching - Looks inside of attachments too, tags.
    5. Permissions - Directors looking at business cases and budgets.
    6. Online Drawings - Gliffy.
    7. Lough and Barnes - Demonstrate how Lough and Barnes is using the wiki.
  4. More Feature Highlights (this slide is for takeaway only, do not discuss items unless asked)
    1. Includes - include often used information in multiple documents but modify in one place
    2. Email Notifications - ...
    3. Attachments - search-able, drag and drop to upload
    4. Dynamic Menu
    5. Workflow
    6. Sortable Tables
    7. Image Galleries
    8. Segregation of Spaces (Sites)
    9. Macros - Show and Hide Content, Annotations, Attachment List, ect...
    10. Support for Analytics integration
    11. Custom Look and Feel
    12. Customizable Code
    13. Integration Atlassian Family of Products (Notably Crowd and JIRA)
  5. Try It Yourself
    1. URL
    2. Accounts
    3. Resets - every two days
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