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In order to make all my watch bracelets adjustable without tools, I am looking to buy the following parts.

Rolex EasyLink

Once I started using the Rolex EasyLink - to adjust my watch bracelet as my wrist contracts and expands over the day - I'm now trying to have it retrofitted across my entire watch collection.


2x Rolex EasyLinks preferably brushed metal finish. This link allows you to adjust the bracelet by 5mm bigger or smaller.


The brushed metal EasyLink can be found in,

  • Current generation (as of 2019) Explorer I (214270), Explorer II models (question) and 216570 which features the Rolex 77200 Clasp.
  • Air King (116900)

A polished finish is also on the Datejust 116200, Datejust II 116300, 116334, GMT-Master II 116710 and Daytona 116520.

The EasyLink actually exists in 3 sizes,

  • 16mm for majority of watches
  • 13mm for 31mm ladies watches
  • 11mm for 26mm ladies watches

The size references how the bracelet tapers down to the clasp. The one I'm looking for is 16mm.

The part numbers I've managed to look up are (note i have the CAL. number and notice that changes... maybe it's relevant to the finish?),


One I purchased via forums from escobar144.

Explorer 1 - reference 214270

eBay Listing sold for $462.30 and worn by original owner on Oyster Perpetual 114200 34mm,

102843696BrushedExplorer 2 - reference (question)

Per forum and picture,

  •  = (what I purchased) found on the Explorer I reference 214270 with brushed finish.
  • (question) = I believe there is another code found on the 

Documented Successes

My first success so far is customizing my Oyster Perpetual 114200 34mm,


I've also read about success from Watch Enthusiasts who confirmed this also worked for bracelets which taper down to 16mm,

Watch FamilyReferenceEasylink 16mm ConfirmationsGlidelock Confirmations
Oyster Perpetual114200 34mm
  • TSTimepiece - first inspiration to show it's possible!
  • Myself from Explorer I, 214270
  • eBay Dealer from Explorer 1, 214270
  • ...

116000 36mm

114300 39mm

Explorer I1016 36mm(question) This looks like it may work.

14270 36mm(question) Presumably this should work too given it is pretty much identical to the 114270.

114270 36mm

214270 39mm

Black Bay58This looks like may work.
  • mmalek1 Rolex Forum Member and in Private Chat

Active Next Goals

I'd like to see if this is possible with the bracelets on the Rolex Explorer 1016 (or similar that will fit it) and the Black Bay 58.

Custom Tudor Black Bay 58 with GlideLock

I'm hoping an EasyLink can fit into a Black Bay 58 Bracelet. Below pictures shows a GlideLock which allows adjusting the bracelet by 20mm in 2mm increments,

But if not I'd put one together myself with the following,

  • Black Bay 58 Bracelet - You need to have the end links and the proper clasp.

  • 93150 Oyster Bracelet - Look for something generic 20mm that tapers down to (question). This style based on my readings could come from an existing Air-King, Explorer, Explorer II, GMT-Master, 14060 & 16610 & 16800 Submariner and Perpetual Date.

Once the 93150 is in, I've read that it will work with both an EasyLink and/or a Glidelock from a 97200 bracelet that comes with the Submariner 116610 or 114060.

A forum member built his Franken BB58 with the following,

  • Rolex 93150 bracelet with endlinks from the BB58 bracelet 

  • Swapped in a glidelock clasp from a Rolex 97200 bracelet.

... more research to come.

References -  My initial inspiration which shows a gentleman putting an EasyLink on the Oyster 114200.

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