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New Parties

For new people you don't know, probably PayPal with the extra 3% protection through your credit card is the best option.

Most transaction happen in USD. So it's best to either use,

  • A Credit Card with USD 
  • Special Foreign Exchange advantage card and make sure to not let PayPal do the conversion

It all stacks up though.

Some folks opt to skip the PayPal 3% protection and instead rely on fraud/protection of their credit card.

Trusted Parties

Trusted parties... disclaimer, on the Internet can always be exceptions, so think hard before going this route for what you consider very large transactions.

Doing Direct Bank Deposit or Cash Pickup - The advantage is to the seller. Money arrives.

Here's a recent example where I needed to reach $680 SG to the seller.

OptionFeesExchange RateCommentsTotal Extra Costs
Western Union Direct Deposit or Cash Pickup

Waived until Sep 30, 2020 up to $5,000.


Mid-Market with Markup

Just tried this June 10, 2020.

Note there's a bug with Chrome (at least) where field for postal code is not labelled. So I ended up stuck. I got around this by using their mobile app.

My receipt says $0.00 fee when using,

From: Credit Card CAD (Canadian Dollar)
To: Bank Account SG (Singapore Dollar)
Exchange Rate: 1.00 CAD =  1.0153  SGD

I was very surprised actually, as I expected a fee because I used my credit card.

Example: $670 CAD = $680.23 SGD

$670 CAD (with waived fee).

TransferWise$7.47 CAD (to confirm)Mid-Market

Exchange Rate: 1.00 CAD =  1.035  SGD

Example: 665 CAD = 680.27 SGD

Xoom$4.99 CAD

Exchange Rate: 1.00 CAD =  1.0156  SGD

Example: $670 CAD = $690.61 SGD


PayPal (as a comparison)


$0 CAD (Chequing)

$13.14 (Visa or MC)


Exchange Rate: 1.00 CAD =  0.9869  SGD

Example: $688.97 CAD = $680.00 SGD

Shipping and Duties

Being Super Careful with Pictures and or Videos

You should know you buyer or seller so there's a certain level of trust.

Interestingly, I encountered a seller who wanted extra steps to protect both sides. It was not an expensive watch ~300, but I could see why he did this as a practice:

  • Seller video's watch closely to show condition.
  • Puts watch in box never taking out of video frame.
  • ...


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