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Printing at Costco

Dry Creek Photo has all the colour profiles.

This is the lab we use,

Costco #151:  #1 York Tech Dr., Markham ON, L6G 1A6   Phone: 905-477-0969

Store info: Noritsu 3411, Fuji Crystal Archive Paper.

Glossy paper profile, May 10, 2012
Matte paper profile, May 10, 2012

Note: This printer uses our enhanced accuracy custom profiles.
Note: This lab uses multiple printers. Request your profiled RA-4 prints be run on the Noritsu 3411.

Mac OS X (all versions) various installation methods are available. I opted to make it specific the user by storing the profile in /Users/<username>/Library/ColorSync/Profiles — any profiles stored here are available only to the current user.


FAQs from the Costco Help Center

What are the recommended resolutions for my photos?

The image sizes listed below are the best for ordering prints or making photo gifts.

Print SizeMinimum image resolution required
4 x 6690x460 pixels
5 x 7805x575 pixels
8 x 8 Enlargements920x920 pixels
8 x 101150x920 pixels
8 x 121380x920 pixels
11 x 14 Enlargements1610x1265 pixels
12 x 12 Enlargements1380x1380 pixels
12 x 18 Enlargements2070x1380 pixels
16 x 20 Posters2300x1840 pixels
20 x 30 Posters3450x2300 pixels
Wallet Prints374x259 pixels
Photo Gifts900x600 pixels

What file types work best with the Online Photo Center?

We have found that the .jpg file type works best, but you can upload .bmp and .tiff files as well.


Clear language and instructions on printing yourself -

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  1. Your Canon S100 has the ability to shoot in RAW format also.  This allows for post processing of the pictures if required.