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  1. I adjust Keyboard Preferences in conjunction with the next 4 tools.
  2. Better Snap Tool (App Store $2) - Get Windows 7 like snapping in addition to being able to use keyboard shortcuts to snap windows wherever you want. Also has loads of other features. Went through lots of tools like SizeUp before getting to this one. I use the following options,
    1. Keyboard Shortcuts
      1. CTRL-WinKey-Left = put window of left half - note this breaks Home of text doc shortcut on Mac (to note here why Winkey-Left collides or correctis used by Mac OS for beginning of line)
      2. CTRL-WinKey-Right = put window on right half - note breaks End of text doc shortcut on Mac 
      3. WinKey-Up = center on screen using custom "snap area" of x=480, y=115, w=1,600, h=1,280 and move snap area to bottom right beside trash, click colour and make snap area invisible - but it breaks moving up a folder
      4. WinKey-Down = restore to previous position
    2. Additional customize,
      1. Extras - Double-click a windows titlebar - maximize
      2. Customizations - Uncheck "Restore old window size if window is dragged away again"
  3. Keyboard Maestro (App Store $36) - Powerful shortcut utility. Very useful for me because I use an IBM keyboard. Common things I setup,
    1. Ensure Engine is set to run even if editor exists and also go back in and checkbox engine to start on login.
    2. Tin's OS Controls Macros - Configured for everything except at Groups Level exclude Terminal (want CTRL-C to work normally) and VMWare Fusion which interferes with more advanced keys,
      1. CTRL-V = clear out formatting before pasting | Filter Clipboard with Remove Styles, Type the Apple-V
      2. Home = CTRLWinKey-LARROW - Mac reserved combo, move to beginning of line instead of beginning of document | note use excludes so this does not collide with using same key in VMWare Fusion for Windows
      3. End = CTRLWinKey-RARROW - Mac reserved combo, move to end of line instead of end of document | note use excludes so this does not collide with using same key in VMWare Fusion for Windows
      4. Since I use Windows Virtual Machine at the same time so often)
        1. CTRL-C = copy
        2. CTRL-Z = undo
        3. I do more like CTRL-LARROW, END to make highlight text with keboard and skipping words work like Windows. Will write more, but it's all in the linked - Tin's OS Controls Macros
        4. ...
      5. To import the macros, File, import macros disabled and enable by clicking on the group Tin's OS Controls and clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the window.
    3. Pause = IBM keyboard; I wanted Winkey-Home - increase brightness (contacted author and he may eventually fix)
    4. ScrLk = IBM keyboard; I wanted Winkey-End - decrease brightness (contacted author and he may eventually fix)
    5. WinKey-L = Lock to Login Window
    6. CTRL-Break = CTRL-C in Terminal since I've over-ridden above
  4. Spark with the Plain Clip Plug-in - Free but less powerful version of Keyboard Maestro. Not needed if you buy Keyboard Meastro.
  5. The Unarchiver@ (App Store) - handles common formats such as rar that the built in compression software does not.