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TBC - This document is just starting and being driven by Harry. Roderick and Tin I am sure will have some input.

In a delivery oriented world, systems often get built without documentation. This happens, especially in smaller IT organizations. Here's the gist (this can be written better),

    • Wait too long and you are constantly catching up.
    • Use a Knowledge Management System
    • This Section Provides a Good Template to Organize Your Information
    • Don't Wait to Get Your Template Perfect Before Documenting


Changes to servers should be kept in a central log. Make sure to get going on this right away. For example, this server itself uses a very simple almost free-form server log. Roderick, put a template down here.

System Dashboard

At a minimal you should have a system dashboard to describe your systems. Listed here are different dashboards with varying amount of details. New data is added as the business grows and at the same time, data is removed and assumed as processes are established.