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This is a cookbook to build and manage enterprise Information Technology solutions focusing on open source and to democratizing technology.

The name Bonsai Framework references a Bonsai approach to cultivation of technology trees to,

Remain small and portable (Zero Footprint)

Stay pruned and shaped with proven techniques over time.

Combine key foundational patterns into adaptable solutions.

The framework prioritizes by SecOpsDev - Security (Zero Trust), Operations (Day 2), Dev (Keeping it Simple).

Don't be afraid to give feedback messaging me through LinkedIn.

Special thanks to Atlassian for sponsoring software licences to Bonsai Framework in support of advocating Open Source.


Know Your Basics

You should understand the following,

  • Fundamentals of directories and files.
  • Be able to edit text files at the command line.
  • Basic understanding of how a Web Server works.


Servers and Hosting

How to setup enterprise class operations and infrastructure from a DevOps and OpsDev perspective.

Setup Ubuntu - Minimal setup. Recommend practicing inside virtual machine.

Setup Apache - The very first thing to get going on the Internet

Setup Tomcat - Setup zero footprint software Tomcat which is a good step towards understanding how cloud applies to application servers.

Virtual Hosting with Apache Server - Multiple websites on one web server.

Practical application of the tutorials,

  • Confluence - Setup your own Knowledge Management website (what you currently see here).
  • Plex - Setup your own streaming media server.

Fundamental Cloud

Get a good understanding of virtualization options and technologies fundamental to Cloud. 

LXC - Core understanding of container based virtualization towards Cloud.

LXC with Advanced Networking - Understand under the hoods of how the internal virtualization network works.

Docker in Relation to LXC - How your LXC learnings apply to Docker.

Hypervisor - Select and run a virtualization infrastructure at home.

Journey to Cloud

Cloud Stack - Currently trying to process the good enough cloud stack for the Bonsai Framework.

Path to Cloud - In flight progressive journey to moving the Cloud.

Cloud Density - Reduce cost of Cloud through isolation technology and techniques.


Tin's software picks for Windows 7 and Mac OS X.


Is This Software?

No. These are techniques to selecting, connecting and customizing technologies. At the same time, written to educate and provide practical context.

Anybody can look up how to build a system or house, but the intent here is to be organized, include tricks of the trade and exercised documentation.

The material is curated to create a low maintenance enterprise technology tree. Like a Bonsai Tree, it starts simple (fast) but can easily be grown within established patterns.

Is This Open Source?

This falls under the same "open source" equivalent (Creative Commons) as

Can I Contribute Beyond Anonymous Comments?

Sure, send me a LinkedIn message and I will create you an ID.

Can I Download the Website?

Yes you may as the license and terms of use are very liberal.

What About Development Notes?

Yes, I've got lots but the effort to rewrite and modernize is not something I have time for right now. I've had a number of requests, so I may put up some overall concepts and practices.

When did you start?

1996 with the Confluence edition started (minus Dev notes) Jan 2010.

More Questions

Check the FAQ or Message me via LinkedIn.

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