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ProductInceptionControl MechanismOS AgnosticEnterprise AttributesKey Relative StrengthKey Relative WeaknessLanguageBonsai Notes
SSH with Python requiring root.

Chef AgentYesProvides SaaS to handle analytics and hybrid delivery models.Focused on infrastructure as code and able to create systems from scratch.
Subset of RubyHas Chef Provisioning to create machines using chef-client supporting LXC, Amazon EC2 and more.
Puppet Agent using XMLRPC over HTTPSYesCluster approach with multiple masters for high availability and scalability.Mature

Certificate management can be difficult with multiple masters.

  • JSON-like language
  • Ruby available as of version 2.6

SSH or Client

Development focused to be scalable and distributed.
  • Not Linux friendly
  • Lack of Documentation

Spring Config Server
  • Git supported repository technology
  • Local File systems
  • deployable Deployable as SaaS on any supported Cloud Foundry implementations
    • for example Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • deployable Deployable as a standalone app to IaaS
  • Designed to work with SaaS methodology
  • Single application to serve environment specific configuration such as Development / Staging / Production
  • Key / Value pair implementation
  • supports different types of authentication to GiT such as ssh Keys, encrypted credentials
  • key / value pair encryption to hide sensitive production data
  • Requires Java to run
  • Clients need to run Spring Config Client as a dependency