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This article needs to be cleaned up.

The goal was to change all rendered html downstream from to

Server Base URL Problem

This at least works in loading up the website, same issue with large images and most likely a host of other problems.


Ok so ProxyHTMLURLMap does not work easily. The documentation searching in google is sub par and the examples do not seem to work.

I never got ProxyHTMLURLMap working. I have a feeling it's because I never used the Location directive. Anyway will try again at a later date.

Further to that it uses a SAX parser which implies that it expects good xml. I imagine the overhead to be quite high.


Looking around I found the substitue directive.

sudo a2enmod substitute

<Location /wiki/>
AddOutputFilterByType SUBSTITUTE text/html
Substitute s/

And that did it!

Have not measured the performance hit yet.

substitute with mod_filter

Just noticed that AddOutputFilterByType is deprecated and it is recommended to use mod_filter. So enable it using a2enmod filter.

Note this is Apache 2.2 syntax. Apache 2.3 has a new style of syntax.

<Location /wiki/>
    FilterDeclare filter_string_replace
    FilterProvider filter_string_replace SUBSTITUTE resp=Content-Type $text/
    Substitute "s/"
    Substitute "s/Break It Down/"
    FilterChain filter_string_replace

This works!

The resp=Content-Type part does not quite sit well with me as the start does not indicate a regular expression match and then it uses the $ symbol. However, the above exact syntax is used on the Apache documents as an example so I will leave this for now. 2.3 changes the syntax anyway.

References - working example of multiple filters and the syntax is slightly different

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