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Hypervisor at HomeGist of ItWho Uses it?Compelling ProsCon for BonsaiFrameworkGUI Management ToolsMemory Management Notes
KVMUses Linux Kernel as hypervisor.

Google Cloud.

Lots of hosting providers.

Google participates to secure the Code.
VMM (Virtual Machine Manager) virt-manager
Microsoft Hyper-VNot very clear if I need to have Windows Server installed.

VMWare VSphere

Longest history in virtualization commercially.Need specific network card.

XenInstall a base OS like Ubuntu. Then install Xen which then overrides and makes itslef the main OS and your original Ubuntu install a virtual machine called dom0 which you use to manage your other virtual machines.


Rackspace Cloud is also powered by Xen with OpenStack.


XenCenter (which runs on Windows)


More complete product for large data (monitoring, orchestration ect...). Has GUI client for Windows. You can buy licensed support from Citrix. Simpler setup with pre-packaged CentOS 5.x as dom0.

Citrx outlines very slight differences features btw Free and Enterprise.

Need specific network cards.XenCenter (which runs on Windows)



Some good command lines to verify support for hypervisor -


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