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Most used shortcuts.

Highlight word left and right


You can use with shift.

BrightnessCustomized to CTRL-- and CTRL+
Go to Address Bar/Search⌘-L
Move a file

-C to copy as normal.

⌘-Option-V to paste and move.

Delete a file⌘-Delete
Empty Trash⌘-Option-Delete
Move into FolderCmd-Down Arrow
Move out of FolderCmd-Up Arrow
Select Multiple FilesCmd Click Files
Select Group of Adjacent Files

Does not work in Image Preview View
Shift Click File

Capture a specific window.
  • Command (⌘)-Shift-4
  • Spacebar
  • Cursor changes to camera
  • Hover and click on Window
Capture some of your screen.Command (⌘)-Shift-4

Use iMac as Monitor⌘-F2

Photos - Delete from Album and Library⌘-Del (not ⌘-Backspace)

I always also configure in keyboard preferences to,

right CTRL = Mission Control


Mission Control - Move left a space = Use for BetterSnapTool
Mission Control - Move right a space = Use for BetterSnapTool 


List looks very complete (still to fully review) -

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