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Here are my personal adjustments to Kitty. You may find it useful.

As of version there is now a specific portable version. Not sure how it is different than just adding the kitty.ini file.



Here are the contents of my Kitty Configuration File. Copy the contents into notepad and save it to the directory where Kitty is running as the file "kitty.ini".

; Instead of storing in Windows Registry all information is kept in directories
; Commands, Folders, Launcher, Sessions, Sessions_Commands and SshHostKeys.

; Enables transparency, Windows XP and up only.
; Use CTRL-Up Arrow and CTRL-Down Arrow to change transparency.

; Shows different icons per connection

; Shows different icons per connection

Changes to Default Settings

These changes are in order of importance to my everyday use.

Category: Window
Lines of scrollback: 20000
Reset scrollback on keypress: Checked
Reset scrollback on display activity: Unchecked

Category: Window > Translation
Remote character set: UTF-8

Category: Window > Colours
ANSI Blue: Red:74 Green:74 Blue:255
ANSI Blue Bold: Red:140: Green:140 Blue:255

Category: Connection
Seconds between keepalives (0 to turn off): 25

Category: Terminal > Bell
Action to happen when a bell occurs: Visual bell (flash window)
Taskbar/caption indication: Flashing

References - very similar preferences.

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