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Videographer Request

We do not want to make this fancy to keep with the overall homemade feel. It will be for a Hodinkee My Watch Story and they use YouTube.


Test Run 1 - Sunlight -

List of files and location provided in the following locations.

    1. 1-quartz-watches.HEIC
    2. 2-black-bay-36.HEIC
    3. 3-straps.jpg
    4. 4-tudor-and-bb36.HEIC

Videos were recorded on Canon M100 following guidelines to desaturate and lower contrast for flexibility in post editing. Audio file was was recorded using a lav mic attached iPhone recorded using app Voice Memo.

Connect Two Videos

Please refer to for details of connection. At a high level,

Video-Part1-0540.mp4 - stop at 3:39, just after saying “He has a Tudor Rolex Prince with a signed case back“.

Video-Part2-0541.mp4 - connect at 3:51 just before saying “It’s amazing…“.

Again use the specifics of what we are looking for.

Add in Voice Memo Audio

Please use the corresponding Audio files. Note they were not started at the same time.

Feature Images

We want to mirror how Hodinkee puts in images in their Talking Watches. Simple image full-screen placement, no effects. We are still in process of taking higher quality images, so the attached are just to try out. The good images will come before Monday morning, June 25th.

Editing Instructions

We want to keep this simple as possible. Open to improvements, but they must be subtle.

Viewing - This will be posted on YouTube by Hodinkee talking watches. Please adjust colouring for the audience which we expect to be mainly Windows PCs.

Colour Tone - This was filmed at low saturation for later editing. Please add to create depth. Please make person's skin tone one or two shades lighter.

Audio Lower Volume on Smacking of Lips - Please lower audio a little as she makes this smacking noise at times, from her tongue against the roof of her mouth (her mouth was dry from many takes). 

Effects - Start, fade in from black. End just freeze at a favourable frame.

Please Return Back

  1. Completed Video in highest quality without any Colour Tone changes.

  2. Completed Video in highest quality with Colour Tone changes. 

  3. Optimized Video for Youtube.

  4. Optional, would appreciate if you send us notes on where you set your markers (splits, merge and picture insert).

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