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Removing Bags from Under Eyes

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Remove Skin Blemishes

Removing Red Splotches from Skin

Backup on NAS "Red Skin (720 HD).mp4".

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Skin Smoothing

Quickly lighten wrinkles,

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Backup on NAS, "Skin Smoothing and Cleanup CS5 (720 HD).mp4".

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Enhance Eyebrows

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Removing People from Shots Using Multiple Shots

Removing Hot Spots

Here the the technique I find has the best control. It is slightly modified from this video.

Backup on NAS "Shine Hotspots on Skin (720 HD).mp4"

  1. Create a new layer and change mode to Darken and set opacity to ~72%
  2. Zoom in
  3. Use clone tool selecting a good area and draw on with the following clone tool settings,
    1. Select a brush with a soft edge effect

    2. Set mode to normal

    3. Opacity to 50%

    4. Flow default of 100% is good

    5. Current and below (for the layer selection)
  4. Trick is to use as big a brush as possible to fill the white area
  5. Don't need to be too accurate as this is layer
  6. Finally copy merged to create a new layer and apply any additional effects

This is the gaussion blur technique and generally works well too.

  1. Duplicate layer
  2. Filter Blur, Guassian Blur,
    1. Turn up radius until shiny spots disappear usually 9
  3. Filter, Add Noise
    1. Amount between 2 and 3
    2. Guassian
  4. Select Eraser,
    1. Turn hardness down to 0
    2. Adjust brush size as needed
  5. Erase top layer where the glare exists

Here is a mask based tutorial which I have yet to try.

Masking Key Shortcuts

ALT and Click Mask - Toggle Show Mask Only

ALT-SHIFT Click Mask - Toggle Show Mask with Image in Pink Overlay

Straighten an Image

How to straighten an image -


Predone Actions,

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